Why Shibstedt should buy SenionLab

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Johannes Löfgren, Tech Pilot at SenionLab

Have you ever wondered how most of the ads in online media target you so well? Isn’t it strange how you can visit a website for a boat fair and later find most of your ads having boat related subjects? In fact it’s not strange at all; it’s just the way media companies target you in order to show the most relevant information for both you and the company.

Now what has this to do with Shibstedt, and why should they care about an indoor positioning company like SenionLab? The simple answer is: because they collect a lot of relevant data from its users. The same way as Google collects your search results, Shibstedt collects what sites you have been visiting through your cookies. It’s nothing bad, on the contrary; it will bring you a better web experience with content you find relevant. This is the exact same way you position matters for advertising. By parsing your position with things around you, the web experiences can be better adjusted for your personal interests.

Imagine coming home after a weekend down town and you decide to browse through the web. Wouldn’t it be nicer to see commercial information related to what you have come across during your shopping or sightseeing? The new information from the car manufacturers showroom you visited, the clothing brand you love, and their shirts you spent half an hour looking at, which currently are on sale in one web shop you didn’t even know existed. Or why not exclude all teams except your favorite one, which you every now and then visit the merchandise store of. Never again you will need to see the competitor’s ads during browsing. The benefit for you would always be more content relevant during your online browsing.

There is no doubt that both you and the media companies care about what kind of content you are exposed to in your daily life. In an ideal world, you will only encounter materials you find appealing. This applies to you as the consumer, the media companies and the companies they represent, no one wants you to see information you don’t like.

In conclusion this is exactly why Shibstedt should buy SenionLab. Because everyone benefits from the data this technology collects and the possibilities it provides, including you.

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