When exhausted, meet a group of Tech Pilots!

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You know that feeling when you walk out from work, or school, and you are absolutely exhausted. It’s been too much for too many days now. And after almost 20 hours on the road you are thinking that there is no way you will be able to handle any more talking, deciding, organising and managing. Or brainstorming, inspiring and analysing. Not a functional creative bone in your body. And still that’s exactly what you are going to spend the next few days doing. And for 4 different companies no less. At the same time.

Atmospehere of Joy

But then you walk into the room and there are these ten excited faces around the table. And it goes away. All that tiredness, that exhaustion is blown right out of the room and instantly changed into an atmosphere of joy. You can almost touch the energy in there.


The people around that table is a very special group. People that will help you create, understand, experience and learn. With them you will get to know and understand the process of innovation, learn to ask the right questions and explore the exciting possibilities of the future Tech Industry. Together you will see some of the most innovative Tech companies in the world.

These are a group of Tech Pilots. And they will not only be a constant inspiration to you, a network of super talented people that will undoubtedly have a very successful future a head of them. They will also be your very close friends.

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