Want to work with Porsche, Jaguar and Land Rover?

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Are you, or your friend a software developer or electrical engineer with an interest of automobiles? Go to http://www.actia.se/career or tag your friends in this post if they want to take part of building the automobile of the future.

Business is booming for ACTIA at the moment, the supply cannot keep up with demand. To work with leading innovators in the industry is a challenging but rewarding practice. Porsche, Land Rover, Volvo, Jaguar, and BMW only works with the best, and to be the leading software platform developer is a challenging, yet worthwhile task, at ACTIA.

48 Countries

We are experiencing rapid growth and are searching for top talent in order to meet the growing demand from our partners. So if you, or your friends, are interested in working with some of the leading players in the automotive industry, let us know! ACTIA has operations in 48 countries covering all the continents, so for the person looking for international experience in the automotive sector we can offer a great career.

Connecting things

So what is life at ACTIA like? It is primarily driven by innovation, 15% of the annual revenue is reinvested in research and development. So for every 1,000,000 SEK in revenue, 150,000 SEK is sent directly to the R&D department. That money will be spent on connecting things. Because that is what we do, we connect things.

A Safer Life

We enable your car, your phone, your home, and doctor to talk to each other. This is not only making life easier for people, but more importantly safer. There has not occurred a single lethal accident in a vehicle equipped with ACTIA technology. And still a staggering 100% of cars stolen equipped ACTIA technology has been recovered.

This reflects the core values at ACTIA. We work to make peoples life easier, safer, and more efficient by letting your everyday things talk to each other. We do this through innovation in the high-tech fields.

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