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A few months have passed since the first time I got to know the audio/visual masters at Dataton in Linköping and during that time I have started to notice how much of our surroundings are described to us with images nowadays, everything from government information to chat memes. It’s not like I was unaware of that before, but it seems like one of those things – like when you hurt your thumb and you can’t use it anymore and all of a sudden EVERYTHING is difficult. All of a sudden you realise how vital that phalange is? You know what I mean?

Images and visualization is what is making the world understandable, it’s the tool to make things real and put them in perspective. It is also a huge source of entertainment. And on top of all that, it’s something that this region, East Sweden, is incredibly good at. World leading in fact. Linköping University has spent years researching and creating the phenomenon of visualization and some ground breaking innovations has risen as a part of that. There are new times ahead for Dataton and they showed that, very clearly, in December 2015.


– We have been watching Ixel for quite a while” says Lars Sandlund, COO at Dataton. We are incredibly happy to welcome them.

The requisition on the Norrköping company Ixel was a very much a statement that Dataton are confident the future of immersive media, that we are now taking the step from images to a whole digitally created reality that will be the cornerstone of how we create experiences and learn from now on. That tools like 3D, virtual reality, augmented reality, new projections and the advancement in LED and similar technology will bring on a new era of digital surroundings. For nerds like me immersive media has been a well-known word for several years but really we are only starting to see the potential now and it will undoubtable be a very fast, and very strong development the next few years. Did you ever go to the dome theatre in Visualiseringscenter C in Norrköping? If you haven’t you should, it’s an amazing example of this future immersive media and Ixel is behind several of the projects being shown there.

What will this lead to? What kind of software, experiences and surprises can we expect to come out of the black building in Mjärdevi from now on? I don’t know. But I am dying to find out. And I promise, you will be the first to know.





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