The world’s most wearable camera!

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Narrative Clip

By: Max Mohammadhassan Mohammadi

In my previous post, I explained how Narrative can help you to get a true photographic memory.

The company has taken a step further now by developing the second generation of their product, Narrative Clip 2, which is the most wearable full HD camera that captures authentic moments through video and photos. Allowing users to capture authentic, spontaneous moments through videos and photos, Clip 2’s small size, lightweight body, sleek product design and mounting options make it the most wearable video camera. Seamlessly incorporated into everyday social occasions, Clip 2 is hands-free without distracting heavy mounts or equipment and content is easily shared and viewed through the Narrative App, Facebook, Instagram and other social sites.

To see what fun moments you can capture, take a look at these Narrative Clip 2 Video with Audio Samples!


In addition to the amazing VIDEO capturing feature, the technical features are also improved significantly. The new model increases image resolution from 5 to 8MP, and at 90 degrees covers a wider angle than the first generation camera. The Narrative Clip 2 also introduces video capability. In addition to stills, users can now capture clips of 1080p HD video by double-tapping the Clip 2. Alternatively, you can start and stop recording via the dedicated Narrative smartphone app which is available for iOS and Android devices. Clip length can also be changed via the app.

The camera uses Wi-Fi to upload images and video to the Narrative cloud service and Bluetooth to communicate with your smartphone. An integrated GPS module means location data is embedded in the image files, and 8GB of internal storage provide space for approximately two days of photos. The makers of the device promise 30 hours of battery life in continuous time-lapse and multiple days in standby. For outdoor use the Clip 2 is water-resistant.

A comparison between the technical specifications of Narrative Clip and Narrative Clip 2 is presented here.


So why is it the world’s most wearable camera? Because, with its innovative multiple mounting solutions, it can adapt to the way you want to wear your Narrative Clip 2.

And the good news is…

NARRATIVE CLIP 2 is now available for pre-order and ready for shipping soon.

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