The Awesome Narrative Hackathon

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Narrative had its first open hackathon at their Stockholm office on 27th February. Amidst more than 20 enthusiastic participants, the event kicked off with some awesome mingling over breakfast where the company introduced some members of their team and then the participants shared their ideas following which everyone teamed up to get started with the hackathon.

There were three categories for the hackathon :

  1. Lifelogger : To make sense of the huge amount of data accumulated on the Narrative platform by users
  2. Clever : Narrative partnered up with Imagga so participants can use the Narrative platform and the Imagga photo API to mash-up something awesome
  3. Gamification : Because everyone loves a good game. So participants had to gamify the user’s experience while helping them explore their photos on the Narrative platform.

Amidst all the awesomeness of food, candy, beverages and coding rampage, 5 teams came up with some pretty cool ideas and after approximately 10 hours of hacking and cracking, the teams presented their prototypes.

Team “Odditive” built a cool android game application using the Narrative apis to find the odd picture out from 4 pictures from the user’s own Narrative image database. The oddity could be based on the day, week, month or year. So, 3 images could be from the same day while the 4th image maybe from a different century all together!

Team “Punchcard” built a tool to graphically show blobs in varying sizes for each day of the month based on the usage of the Narrative clip, the size of the blob being directly proportional to the number of images clicked by the clip on that day.

Team “Autimood” built a really cool application using the Narrative api and the Microsoft emotion detection project to help autistic kids understand human emotions in a better and fun way. They use the images from the narrative database and analyse faces for emotions. At the end of the day autistic kids can sit down with their parents and play a fun game of identifying the emotions of the people they meet during the day.

Team “Chronicle” built a mashup between Narrative and a calendar to tell a story all the time. They log user’s images based on time, date and location to build a life story.

Team “Time Machine” built a location based application based on the Narrative image APIs for public events and spaces. Their application logs user’s and their friend’s images on a map based on date and time, and next year users can compare what their friends are doing this year on the same date.

At the end of the insanely cool hackathon, team “Odditive” was announced as winners in the Gamification category, team “Autimood” was declared winners in the Clever Image Analysis category and lastly, team “Chronicle” was announced winners in the LifeLogger category. The winners were awarded Narrative Clip 2, Raspberry Pi programmable boards and gift certificates to the Escape Room.

The hackathon was indeed very fun and a really good experience for all the participants and hopefully Narrative will organise more of these events soon!

Team Odditive - Gamification

Team Autimood - Clever Image Analysis

Team Chronicle - LifeLogger

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