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All companies face challenges. It is how you solve them that ultimately determines your success. There is two ways you can approach a challenge: as a problem or as an opportunity to excel. The later approach is what usually opens up for innovation. For the past year young super talents from around the country has been collaborating with cutting edge technology companies to solve some of their challenges, test their products, follow their development and share their reflections.


Little did anyone involved know how powerful this constellation proved to be. The team met four times in Mjärdevi Science Park, which according to CEO Lena Miranda is on the rise to be the Silicon Valley of Sweden. Several workshops, lunches and other events has brought the group closer together and generated some truly exciting results. I want to focus on the workshops because they truly verifies how powerful open innovation can be and how crucial diverse perspectives are in solving challenges in new ways.

The challenges

Together with the companies the tech pilots team tackled a wide array of challenges. One company was entering a growth expansion and wanted to focus on how to become an attractive employer and speed up the competitive process of hiring the right talent. Another company was in the phase of figuring out future application areas for their products in order to grow the company further. While others were focused on branding, testing look and feel of new products and so on.

The magic

Regardless of challenge the group approach it with enthusiasm and the mindset of seeing opportunities, not problems. When you’re not aware of or tied to constrains the spectrum of solutions you can come up with is much wider. The Diversity of the tech pilots team (nationalities, background, degrees, current profession etc) added an extra level of creativity, pushing of boundaries and stretching into different viewpoints. Having representatives from the company in the workshops brought the relevant knowledge about the industry and the challenges unique to the company. The combination enabled fresh but yet feasible (most of the time at least) solutions to the challenges at hand.


The tech pilot program can be seen as a new type of consulting, one that truly showcases the power of fresh perspectives and diversity to solve challenges and generate innovative ideas. I’m personally very inspired from being in this program. My next adventure might be to start a company based on this type of structure. Because I think the demand for understanding and keeping up with the digitalization that is right now happening to all industries will only accelerate in the coming years. And who is better suited to help drive that revolution than the generation that grew up in it and decided to spend their lives to continue evolving it?

Yours Sincerely
Sofie Lindblom, Tech Pilot



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