Tech Pilot believers inspired me, and I now have a complete toolbox

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We all need a push in the right direction sometimes. For me it started with an application to the Tech Pilots program last year in Mjärdevi Science Park. One year later, the project and the members within it and around it, became my new toolbox for innovation.


A couple of weeks ago I performed a couple of personality tests. One common thing from all of them was that I’m full of ideas, active, brave, like to try new things and that I express enthusiasm. I guess these qualities fit in perfect for innovation and starting new companies right? So why do I not have my own business then? Well, another thing from these tests showed that one of my fears is the fear of failing which of course is a huge blocker when starting a new company.

That’s where the believers come into picture, and within and among the Tech Pilot project you have them everywhere. That is the kind of people that gets really excited when you pitch your idea, and most of all they don’t stop to encourage you to go ahead with it until you actually have. And not only that, the believers in this project also serves as an inspirational and knowledge tool in your toolbox.

The enabling network

During the project I also got the chance to meet people from different companies, incubators and founders. That was the next tool in the toolbox. By talking to people who have started a new company in Mjärdevi Science Park you realize the benefits of interaction both between already existing companies, but also between established ones and upcoming ones. This is a big strength for the companies within a science park like Mjärdevi.

One Comment

  • That’s right, Kim is a fantastic person to work with, full of new ideas and the desire to constantly improve everything around.

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