Malin always enjoyed maths, now working at SICK IVP

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Written by Rezeye Abulaiti and Maria Svensson, Tech Pilots at SICK IVP

The cutting edge technology company SICK IVP is located in Linköping. Out of 55 employees 10 are women. We got the opportunity to meet Malin Annala, a former student at Uppsala University. 

Malin learned correct keyboard fingering at an early age during primary school. She nowadays consider such kind of knowledge as valuable in her daily work. In addition to learning correct keyboard fingering, Malin have always enjoyed math. She studied Engineering in Physics at Uppsala University which led her to a permanent contract as a software engineer with focus on software testing at SICK IVP. The daily tasks are anything from trying to solve real customer’s applications to soldering cables to programming test scripts. Malin says that the most challenging part of being a tester is to keep the user’s perspective in mind all the time, to keep your mind fresh and not becoming “blind to the flaws at home”.

Find something that you enjoy

Python is Malin’s favorite programming language, due to the fact that it´s favorable while programming small scripts. When asking Malin if she has any professional advice for students which are preparing themselves for a career within a cutting edge tech company she answers:

– Find something that you enjoy and you are interested in, both when it comes to the studies and the company you want to work for. Enthusiasm and engagement will get you far. Be curious and openminded. Always be willing to learn.

Advanced Vision Technology

The most interesting aspect working at SICK IVP, is according to Malin, the advanced vision technology the company offers in the variety of products. Such kind of aspect should be understood in light of the fact that SICK IVP is quite small in Linköping, as earlier mentioned with 55 employees, but yet large worldwide.

– The atmosphere at SICK IVP is very friendly and prestige less, which makes it possible to relax and do the best job you can.


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