Linköping Sweden is recruiting 10 Tech Pilots

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Nine businesses at Mjärdevi Science Park in Linköping Sweden have merged in order to find 10 sharp talents for a new project. The initiative is called Tech Pilots and the purpose is to bring young talents and businesses within the technology field together. During one year, these talents will closely follow the businesses and their activities.

Tech Pilots consists of 9 companies that are developing new innovative technologies. Narrative, for example, is one of the companies taking part of the project. Their life-logging camera has reached out internationally, starting at Kickstarter. Cybaero is another company within the project that is producing a rescue helicopter and Senion Lab with their indoor positioning system.

Spread the picture of the companies and bring in new perspectives

10 talents are about to be recruited and during one year they will meet with the companies on a regular basis. The assignment is performed as an independent activity besides studies or work. The task is to blog and spread the image of the companies but also to give the companies new insights and bring external perspectives into their business.

– At Narrative we like to break new grounds and therefore we need to be surrounded by talents. Techpilots will be a way of connecting with talents, get new insights, but also to put Mjärdevi and Linköping on the international innovation map, says Martin Källström, CEO, Narrative.

Burning interest for technology

The 10 Techpilots should all have a burning interest for technology and be curious, innovation oriented and outgoing, and they should also bring in other crucial competencies.

– We are looking for people with competences within programming, 3D, software, electronics, game development, engineering physics, media technology and other aspects within the field of technology. We are also looking for ”wild cards”, people that have completely different competencies in for example behavioral science. We want to create a platform for new, exciting ideas by introducing different worlds to one another, says Lena Miranda, CEO, Mjärdevi Science Park in Linköping Sweden.

After a year, the companies will have gained new perspectives, access to more talents and also reached out with the world leading innovation technologies from Linköping Sweden in new channels, says Lena Miranda.

Apply latest June 20th

The last day to hand in the application is the 20th of June, 2015. The first meeting will be the 27-28th of August. For more information and application

About Tech Pilots

Tech Pilots is a co-operation between Cybaero, Narrative, XMReality, Senion Lab, Actia, Spotscale, SICK IVP, Dataton och Amra. The project is runned by Mjärdevi Science Park AB.

For more information, please contact

Lena Miranda, CEO, Mjärdevi Science Park: +4670-529 56 45

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