Tech Pilot Kim made places talk during East Sweden Hack

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Kim Myhrman

East Sweden Hack is an event where programmers, graphic designers, interface designers, project leaders and other talents collaborate intensively on digital projects. It was established during 2013 and has since then been arranged yearly and has grown heavily. This year the challenge was to gather Internet of Things Techniques and Open Data from the Hackathon Partners in a solution.

One of our Tech Pilots, Kim Myhrman (to the right above), was participating with his team. Tech Pilot Project Management asked Kim a few questions about East Sweden Hack.

Tell us about the solution you competed with in East Sweden Hack!

We developed a service called PLAPI that combine information from sensors and IoT together with open data. By using the data we were able to make places talk to the user. For example, during our presentation we showed how you can tell the app to alert when the temperature inside your house is below 10 degrees only when your car is not at home. It is like an advanced Twitter but the source is hardware instead of people.

Do you see any connections between ESH and Tech Pilots?

The first thing I did was to bring something from a Tech Pilots company to ESH. Our team needed a model of a house for our presentation, and since Spotscale is a part of the project, I borrowed a model of a building that they created. Of course it is always good to create forums like ESH to stimulate innovation and I hope the Tech Pilot project can be that forum for the companies to share knowledge and benefit from each other to develop new ideas.

What was it like to participate in ESH?

It is a great challenge to be able to put a product together in such a short period of time. During that time you meet new interesting people and companies that share the same passion for innovation which is really fun. You also get the chance to develop your skills in programming, electronics and presentation. Afterwards you are really tired but the feeling I bring with me is that I want to do this again soon, so see you next year!

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