Indoor Positions Systems from Apple

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Indoor positioning is gaining more attention. Late October Apple quietly released an application in iOS App store called ”Indoor Survey”, to enable indoor positioning. 

According the Indoor Surveys page in iOS App Store, the Apple-branded software enables indoor positioning inside a venue by using radio frequency signals and an iPhone’s onboard sensors. This is more or less the exact technology Indoor Positioning Systems from SenionLab uses to enable navigation at your locale.

So by taking a deeper look into Maps for developers, it can be seen that Apple offers some sample code called Footprint to convert geographical data to a flat floor plan. Late 2013 Apple announced that they will equip all of their US Apple Stores with iBeacons in order to create customized materials and send notifications enhancing their customer experience.

So what does this new app actually mean for the market? In the past, Apple has (almost) only been implementing technology first when it has proven to be working well. Their aim has been to enhance the user experience and keep it simple. This could be interpreted as the the start of a wider application of indoor positioning among commercial users and customers.

For a company as SenionLab I would say Apple is a welcomed actor on the indoor positioning market; bringing more attention among users and educating the public on how this technology can be utilized. In the long run it will be all about who is capable of building the most user friendly and easy to use software.

If you give it a thought, isn’t it strange how indoor positioning hasn’t been integrated into our everyday life yet?






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