Humble Business at Dataton

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The first thing that occurred to me after visiting the Dataton company in Mjärdevi in September last year was how humble the business was, even with its huge customers and incredible software.

Even the building itself holds more questions than answers and doesn’t give us any hint on where the possibilities end, in fact it does quite the opposite. This is a strength and challenge for the company, one that many B2B companies face- what they actually do is difficult to grasp by the public. We have been working a lot during this year to pin point possibilities to show off what the company represent, a future of immersive media – of visual experiences out of the ordinary. It is clear that these experiences are what customers want, and are getting used to. The area is evolving very quickly and to make sure to keep up Dataton has hired some of the best and most promising developers in the East Sweden area. It’s been incredibly exciting to follow this development, as well as the resent cooperation made with the hardware company Epson for instance.

As a tech nerd from the culture section being close to a company that really personifies both the possibilities with technology and software AND opens the door to creativity has been a real blessing for me. I will always be grateful for this special peek behind the curtains, or more correctly in this case, into the big black square in Mjärdevi Science Park. Dataton might be humble themselves, but what the software can do is anything but. They showed that just recently by participating in breaking a world record. This can’t be described, it has to be seen so I will leave you with this. And urge you to keep your eyes open, this is not the last time you will hear about Dataton. That much I can promise.

BMW Group “The Next 100 Years” Show Creation Andree Verleger with lead agency VOK DAMS from Andree Verleger on Vimeo.

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