His Majesty King of Sweden and Tetra Pak – what’s buzzing at XMReality

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Somshree Mukherjee, Tech Pilot of XMReality

XMReality has been fairly busy the last couple of months and with good reason. Lots of cool stuff is happening and some major wave of changes can be expected very soon.

Part of Wearable Summit in Houston

XMReality’s Remote Guidance Goggles were heavily appreciated by His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden during a visit by the Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences. XMReality also presented their product solution at the Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit 2015 in Houston which is the only event focussed entirely on the applications of wearables in business and the industry.

Partnership with TetraPak

XMReality is now also a member of AREA (Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance) which is the only industry organisation which focuses on the adoption of Augmented Reality in enterprise. This would provide a great opportunity to XMReality to improve their workplace performance globally and also help collaborate with their customers better. In addition to this, XMReality has struck partnership with TetraPak and Rexroth as their next big clients.

Expanding their team

Besides all these achievements that the company has managed to haul in in the last couple of months, it is now actively looking forward to expanding their team. Currently the company has only 5 employees and they plan to double the number not only in the software development department but also in the sales and marketing department.

What’s also coming up in the next few weeks is a new website for the company which promises to be much more aesthetically appealing, more informative and easily accessible.

This year has been very productive and favourable for XMReality and it seems like the company is going to end the year on a high note and I’m sure this team of super-awesome people will do wonders going into the new year. The company may be selling Augmented Reality, but they sure are collecting very real achievements.

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