Former Apple employee joins Spotscale to boost 3D data processing

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This month, Spotscale started engaging Tim Sundin to analyze and improve the workflow at Spotscale. Tim recently spent several years at Apple in Cupertino where he worked on the flyover project.

Tim Sundin
Tim Sundin

Spotscale was born in 2012 and the company offers 3D reconstruction and visualization, using drones and close range sensors to capture and reconstruct buildings. The founder Ludvig Emgård is an experienced product innovator in the mapping space, today leading a company consisting of a dedicated tech team full of new groundbreaking ideas within computer vision.

To be able to reconstruct buildings Spotscale uses advanced 3D processing which demands an advanced workflow of computation and semi-automatic modeling. Tim Sundin’s new challenge will be to streamline the workflow and thereby increase the efficiency of the process.

Moving forward, Spotscale will continue to bring in new members to the team as a result of the new investment from the Angry Birds Founder

Kalmar Castle, hosting Ludvig Emgård and Kim Myrman

As a member of the Tech Pilot project, I will follow Spotscale for a year and blog about current news. I have already visited Spotscale twice and as you can see I found Ludvig Emgård inside of their 3D recreations of a castle. Stay tuned for my upcoming posts and you will see some more information of what can be accomplished using this impressive technology.

Kim Myhrman, Tech Pilot

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