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Ever thought about what the mysterious black building in Mjärdevi holds? Possibilities. Audio and visual technology has opened up a whole new world for everyone from artists and producers to CEO:s and curators to explore. You have a vision of what you want to create? Good, Dataton will make sure you can do it.

”Ouch, my eyes!” my co-pilot Max frowns as we step out into the blinding summer sun shining over Mjärdevi in Linköping. Reality hits us again. Harshly. Behind us the big, black, triangular building where we just spent the last few hours stands out against the green fields and the bright blue sky. He looks at me and continues with a sparkling smile; “You look like you really enjoyed it” And I did. I really, really did.


The new Dataton HQ is easily noticed and has created a lot of mystery in the Science Park since it was built in 2013. Rumors everywhere. “What on earth is happening in there?  -Why are there no windows? -I heard that the manager has UV allergies. -Wow, really?” No. Not really. However the sense of mystery continues as you walk inside because as dark and clean-cut as it is on the outside the inside hides an even cleaner style. It’s wood. Just untreated, unpainted wood.

Foto: Crelle
Foto: Crelle

It’s not surprising that this is the design that the company chose, it speaks volumes on how Dataton view themselves; we will let YOU be creative, use whatever tools you like and not distract you from your goals. To be able to do that, to truly make ANYTHING you want we have to make it easy for you to create the best possible experience for the receiver. That is the soul and that is why Dataton is the absolute best in their field and has been for decades.

Software for displays at Olympic Games

Through their partners they have been able to enhance and create experiences for millions of people. You need to make that corporative event just a little more interesting? Do you want to fill a wall, or any surface, with images on multiple displays? Do it. Do you want to create an interactive stream of pictures and then be able to change it all in real time at the click of a button? Why not. You want a tool to help you project abstract patterns onto three dimensional objects or create elaborate illusions? Absolutely. The WATCHOUT system can make that happen for you. They’re everywhere. And we’re not talking small scale productions either. You’ve seen the Opening of the Olympic Games, right? You might not have known it but the software that created those magnificent visual displays was made right here, in Datatons’ research and development department. Behind these black walls. My excitement can hardly be contained at this point.


Over the next few months you will be able to follow this groundbreaking company through the eyes of a museum worker, a tech nerd, a gamer and a project manager.  And that’s just me. I also have 9 other amazing tech pilots with me. This will, undoubtedly, be a wild ride. I hope you tag along.

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