Customize your life-logging with Narrative Open Platform


“Every day, we are exposed to an astonishing volume of words, data and media, at school, work in stores, via the Web, on TV – everywhere we go. We interact with many people, some familiar, many we may not see again for a long time, if ever. We have a continuous flow of information. There are financial transactions, medical data, transcripts, family photos – the list goes on and on. What happens to all this stuff? We store a small percentage in our brains and file some of it away in paper or electronic form. But the truth is we forget much of it and throw away most of the rest. It’s a lot of stuff to leave behind.

total_recallWhat would happen if we could instantly access all the information we were exposed to throughout our lives? If there were a way you could recall everything you once knew about someone you are going to see again for the first time in twenty years? If you could tell your doctor everything you’d eaten in the week before you broke out in hives, both yesterday and six months ago?”

These words come from Bill Gates in a book called “Total Recall” authored by Gordon Bell. An early “life-logger” who started to collect as much digital data on his life as possible already from 1998 and this book is about his experience as a life-logger, arguing that the e-Memory revolution will change everything [1].

As I described in my previous post, Narrative Clip 2 is presented as the world’s most wearable camera which help you to get a true photographic memory!

Now the company has gone even a step further by opening up their API.

The Narrative Open Platform is aimed for creating a lot of added value around the Narrative experience in forms of much sought-after functions and creative integrations! Many new functions will become available when developers are able to customize the way wearable cameras are being used.


With the Open Platform, anyone who wants to use the Narrative Clip specifically as a pet cam, or a lifelogger cam or a mounted dash cam, and more can build their custom-made applications for that.

If you are a developer, you can check out all the tools, get information and inspiration on the Open Platform site. Even if you are not a developer, you can still contribute! You can submit your ideas here for someone in the Narrative’s developer community to pick it up and make it happen [2].


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