ACTIA finds your stolen car

Posted by on Sep 14, 2015 in ACTIA, Tech Pilots | No Comments

As a person that can spend two hours talking about the engine in a 1973 BMW 3.0 CSL or a solid 45 minutes covering every single aspect of the headlight design in the new Volvo XC90, Christmas came early this year in the form of ACTIA. Luckily, my early Christmas gift will soon be yours ...

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Medical Improvements with AMRA

Posted by on Sep 10, 2015 in AMRA, Tech Pilots | One Comment

Do you know what an MRI is? I’m sure you’ve heard the term before but for those not entirely sure let me refresh your memory. MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging and an MRI scanner uses a combination of magnetic fields and radio waves to take pictures inside the body[1] (how cool is that?) and ...

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Former Apple employee joins Spotscale to boost 3D data processing

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This month, Spotscale started engaging Tim Sundin to analyze and improve the workflow at Spotscale. Tim recently spent several years at Apple in Cupertino where he worked on the flyover project. Spotscale was born in 2012 and the company offers 3D reconstruction and visualization, using drones and close range sensors to capture and reconstruct buildings. ...

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A true photographic memory with Narrative

By: Max Mohammadhassan Mohammadi You may have heard of people with phenomenal memory capabilities, but no one has a true photographic memory. Based on solid evidence from research by modern psychologists, photographic memory is a myth. No one can recall images from memory with perfect accuracy [1]. Are you worried now after knowing that you don’t ...

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