The Future of Preventive Healthcare

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Photo: Talents and companies being part of Tech Pilots, photo by Crelle Since this will be by last Tech Pilot blogpost, let us talk about the future. For a long time, health care has been about treating disease. But more and more health care deals with something called preventive health care. Wikipedia defines it as “measures taken ...

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Humble Business at Dataton

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The first thing that occurred to me after visiting the Dataton company in Mjärdevi in September last year was how humble the business was, even with its huge customers and incredible software. Even the building itself holds more questions than answers and doesn’t give us any hint on where the possibilities end, in fact it ...

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Rebranding of SenionLab – now Senion

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Photo: Johannes Löfgren, Tech Pilot at Senion and Anton Tyrberg, Channel Marketing Manager at Senion After more than five years in business, location-based services company SenionLab is dropping its designation as a laboratory, and is now officially known as Senion. This change reflects the growing significance of the company in the indoor positioning system (IPS) ...

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100’s of self-driving cars will be driving in Gothenburg in 2017

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Like many technologies that are emerging in the marketplace today it is the legal aspects that are slowing down implementation and progress. Lately major events in technology, legal regulations, and mass-produced “cars of the future” has been occurring in multiple areas of society. Non-automotive companies such as Microsoft, Nvidia, as well as the Swedish firm ...

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