ACTIA is integrating the car with your home, phone and East Sweden Hack

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When buying, renting, or leasing a car today one of the most important aspects that customers look for are reliability, good gas mileage or high performance. Inter-connectivity is the ‘buzzword’, does the car have Bluetooth so that Spotify seamlessly can connect to the car stereo, or even better is there Apple Car Play or Android Auto compatibility in the model?

A car isn’t simply a method for transportation between point A and B anymore. Today it is expected that a modern car seamlessly integrates with your smartphone, tablet and sometimes even acts as a hotspot for you laptop. In the future users will expect even more integration where the car is communicating with homes, workplaces, authorities as well as other vehicles.

From a system standpoint this means endless opportunities for 3rd party solutions that connects to the platform. Even today auto manufacturers are elaborating with e-commerce solutions where packages gets delivered to your car instead of leaving packages outside your house or apartment door. Imagine driving home late from work and have your favorite Sushi dish waiting for you in the passenger seat. It is only one tiny example of what it means to have your car connected and integrated with the rest of your life.

ACTIA is the ‘backbone’ that enables all these opportunities for entrepreneurial persons and companies.

For reasons like this ACTIA will now open up its platform for the intelligent participants in the East Sweden Hack this year in the search for even more application areas for the platform.

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