A true photographic memory with Narrative


By: Max Mohammadhassan Mohammadi

You may have heard of people with phenomenal memory capabilities, but no one has a true photographic memory. Based on solid evidence from research by modern psychologists, photographic memory is a myth. No one can recall images from memory with perfect accuracy [1].

Are you worried now after knowing that you don’t really have a photographic memory? Don’t be! Narrative, is a Swedish company with a revolutionary product to help you get a new kind of photographic memory.

Narrative was founded back in 2012 in Sweden and was originally named Memoto. The name was supposed to allude to the sentiment of “memory + automatic”, because an automatic memory was essentially what this new company was set to build [2].

Back in 2102, they ran an amazingly successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter during the Jurassic days of crowdfunding. Their goal was to bring in $50,000 to have the resources to move into production. However, they pledged an astonishing total of $550,189 which made them bring the first Narrative Clip into the reality.

There is an old saying that “the best camera is the one you can have with you” and that’s what the Narrative Clip is all about. In fact, it’s a tiny camera that can be cliped onto almost any outfits while collecting your memories through taking photos continuously.

Narrative Clip 2_7

Recording your moments automatically, makes Narrative clip so simple to use. You don’t even need to press a button! Therefore, you can “enjoy the moment” instead of ruining it in an effort for capturing it.

As a TechPilot, I will be following Narrative more closely during this year and the first half of next year. So in my next blog posts, I will write more details about this awesome gadget and the company behind it.

Max Mohammadi, Tech Pilot


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