100’s of self-driving cars will be driving in Gothenburg in 2017

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Like many technologies that are emerging in the marketplace today it is the legal aspects that are slowing down implementation and progress.

Lately major events in technology, legal regulations, and mass-produced “cars of the future” has been occurring in multiple areas of society.

Non-automotive companies such as Microsoft, Nvidia, as well as the Swedish firm Fingerprint Cards has recently stated that they are moving into the automotive industry with their rather distant traditional business focus areas.

The Swedish ministry of industry, Näringsdepartementet, recently issued the final legal verdict on semi- as well as fully autonomous cars driving on public roads in Sweden. It’s a GO! Given this outcome Volvo is now legally allowed to put their 100 self-driving cars on the streets in Gothenburg, something that is expected to happen in 2017. In addition autonomous busses will also be introduced in Stockholm. The project is called “DriveMe”.

The verdict from Näringsdepartementet will have a huge impact on the Swedish auto industry for the next decade.

Another interesting recent happening is the introduction of Tesla Model 3. It is the first electric “peoples car” like Volkswagen Beetle was over 60 years ago. It is truly a sign of a new era in the automotive industry. It is now possible to order a semi-autonomous car packed with the latest modern technology at the same price tag as a conventional car.

What does all of this mean for a company like ACTIA then? Essentially it further strengthens its position as “the spider of the web” in the automotive industry. Everything is becoming more and more software oriented, and ACTIA provides the platform that makes all of this possible. ACTIA enables your phone, smart watch, and house to communicate with you and your vehicle.


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